Kaylee Hansen FC Women

Born and raised Medicine Hat (Alberta), Kaylee Hansen still carries the small town Girl charm. She grew up in a family with a younger brother and loving parents. She enjoyed the Birthday dinners every month with extended family and fun annual vacations. Her Mom worked for Telus and then ran the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce, her Dad managed a division for Burnco.

Kaylee Started playing softball when she was 5 years old and she knew right away that she had found a passion. She Played volleyball all through high school, and took piano for 10 years.

Kaylee decided to pursue getting a fastball scholarship with college prospects of America hoping to get an offer. After touring three Universities with her father, she got a call from the Coach in Minnesota who had only one question for Kaylee, Are you the best player in your province?

Kaylee Answered ‘Definitely not' and continued, “There were plenty of girls who threw harder or had more pitches or hit more home runs, but that there was no one that would ever try harder, put in more effort or love the game more than me”. Kaylee’s bold and honest answer got a full ride at the end of the call.

Kaylee’s first job assignment was at Fairmont Chateau in Lake Louise and she never looked back.

She started her path of facilitator certifications, leadership training, and her own personal development as an HR Manager. A 94% turnover rate, 1000 person workforce, average age of 21, and full management of staff residency and pub led to more HR issues and exposure than most would get in the city in a lifetime. She trained around 1250 people on average per year.

She was offered a new role in BC with Delta hotels as Regional Training Manager so she moved to Vancouver. She Was offered the HR Director role for the hotel in Whistler, youngest HRD in the company at the time. She came back to Fairmont as the Regional Director of Learning for Pacific Northwest.

Kaylee started her own company in 2015 http://www.kayhconsulting.com that specializes in Leadership, personal development and performance enhancement workshops.